Shortwood Press

Shortwood Press is an exclusive press that publishes quality books on topics of historical interest. It was created as a forum for sharing scholarly discourse among the growing community of researchers who strive quietly and diligently to recover Virginia’s past to inform today’s understanding in preparation for tomorrow.

With Shortwood Press you keep 100 percent of your intellectual rights and 100 percent of your royalties. Shortwood works with you to format your book for publishing in print and electronic forms, and manages the process of submitting the book to a print-on-demand printing service, so that you can concentrate on what you do best — writing and researching! Services available include: editing, indexing, and formatting.

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Thumbnail Cover Image Index

Index of Students of the University of Virginia, 1825-1874 (2011), by Jean L. Cooper.


Martha Jefferson Randolph: Republican Daughter & Plantation Mistress, by Billy L. Wayson. Available now!


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